The Style Shop

is a fashion and graphic design studio where students create their own clothes and accessories by sewing, screen printing and using design software. Through learning these crafts, students develop their own individual style and creative practice, as well as strengthen their fundamental skills in reading and math.

The Beat Shop

is a music production studio where students explore music of all forms using live instruments, computer software, turntables and recording equipment. While mainly focusing on the foundations of hip-hop, students express themselves through lyric, tone and instrumentation, as well as building writing and math skills.

The Chopper Shop

is a welding and fabrication studio where students use metal working tools and techniques to design and build their own chopper bicycles, metal sculptures and other creations. While learning mechanics, welding and machining to make their one-of-a-kind vehicles, students gain drafting, engineering and math skills.

The Tech Shop

is a makerspace studio where students use3d printers and other technologies to design and build their own prototypes, game design and other creations. While learning , students gain  computer, 3d drafting, engineering and math skills.

The Scholar Shop

is an educational resource center and learning library that provides students with tutoring and academic enrichment activities.  The inclusive, discovery-oriented atmosphere in Scholar Shop inspires youth to succeed in school and understand the fundamental importance and joy of education.